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Steve Key: Reviews

"Our show with Steve was a favorite. A great mix of heartfelt and novelty songs from an excellent performer. I can strongly recommend Steve with no reservations. He's a pro!"

Lyman Louis - Lighthouse Concert Series, Warren OR (Jul 1, 2012)
We’ve always had positive feedback from our concerts, but this one was extra-special. You have a great way with an audience.
Jane Stafford - Soiree Musicale House Concerts, Franklin IN
"Key is a polished performer whose songs are well-crafted. They are also full of deep imagery and emotion."
(review of the House Blend CD) Another awesome collection of songs by a great song writer and singer. A wonderful collection of humorous and serious material that brings a warmth to the heart and fuels the soul. These songs speak to our experience as people, and give a unique "view" into the world of Steve Key (and a mirror into our own). Classic folk music. This stuff should be on the radio! I echo the sentiments of an earlier review that Steve's songs deserve more attention from the public. Steve can sing at my house any time!
"Bouncy, catchy - He's got a light, tuneful voice, a way with words that adds both descriptive detail and gentle humor to his songs and he relates easily to his audience."
Mike Joyce - Washington Post
“Engrossing story songs often inspirational, reminiscent of Harry Chapin and Jim Croce"
Mark Widerman - AOL digitalcity
"Steve, your show at the Bardhouse was just fantastic. I've been raving about you to every one that will listen. You really are a complete package of absolutely amazing songwriter (and writing about stuff that is interesting to me--a definite bonus); a genuine-believable and soothing voiced singer and a full throttle, light up the room performer. I can't wait to get on that ride again."
Brian Gundersdorf (of We're About 9)
reviewing "Scatter Seeds":
Eclectic blend of thoughtful writing, personality and a very sweet voice make this enjoyable road trip fodder. Finally, something me, the kids and the dog all agree on! Good stuff!
"House Blend is just an excellent CD! You are absolutely one of the best singer-songwriters in my eyes and ears."