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Steve Key: Songs/Lyrics

Parking Lot Nine

(Steve Key & Dorian Michael)
April 1, 2016
Steve Key

Parking garage on a Saturday night                                                          

Gangbangers, drunks come stumbling by                                                

And the last thing they ever thought they'd find                                     

Somebody playing guitar up on Parking Lot Nine                                  


State Street shoppers stop and search the sky

They can hear the guitar but don't see the guy

So they walk along and find themselves hummin' a tune

Like they've been serenaded by the man in the moon


CH: Goodbye, Parking Lot Nine                                                       

It's just a place park your ride                                                            

Eleven years is a long, long time                                                        

Goodbye, Parking Lot Nine                                                               


That ugly monster of cold concrete

Could make those nylon strings sound big and sweet

In a darkened corner of the old downtown

That parking structure made cathedral sounds


The cops drove by for eleven years, routinely saw no damage here

A little amplifier for his old guitar

A little crowd throwing change into his tip jar (to CH)


It's not like you didn't have a place to play

You do a three-hour gig at a bar or cafe

With your voice getting rough, your fingers getting sore

You go to the garage and play six hours more


The new guy working at Parking Lot Nine

Sent his complaint up the bureaucratic line

So the police said you gotta pack it in, man

But they also said for years they've been your fans (to CH)