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Steve Key: Songs/Lyrics

Secret Poetry

(Steve Key & Dorian Michael)
April 1, 2016
Steve Key

Was it something you did                                       

When you were a kid                                              

And you kept it hid                                                 

So no one would know                                           

Was it something you tried                                    

Like a hobby on the side                                        

Until one day you decided to let it go                    


CH       Did anyone read your poetry                     

Did you save even one in your memory                

Penny for your thoughts                                         

A dime if it rhymes                                                

Did anyone read your poetry                                  


I’ve seen words come alive

They laugh and sing and cry

The creative mind flies until it crashes

The places and the names

The silly word games

All get fed to the flames until it’s ashes (to CH)


They say when love goes wrong

At least I’ll get a song

And someone to sing along with my sadness

Maybe it’s too revealing

Or no one cares what I’m feeling

Or maybe it’s a way of dealing with my madness (to CH)