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Steve Key: Songs/Lyrics

What Are You Telling Me

(Steve Key & Dorian Michael)
April 1, 2016
Steve Key

On Super Bowl Sunday 2015, I set up for my weekly showcase at Sculpterra Winery in Paso Robles, tuned up my guitar to play the opening set. But as soon as I tried to sing, I realized something was very wrong with my voice. The upper range was completely gone, and the lower range wasn't very good either. I struggled through my four songs and hoped I'd be better the next day. I could speak fine, and I didn't have a cold. But my singing voice didn't come back for weeks. I saw two doctors, consulted with two voice teachers, no answers. My friend Debra Windsong suggested I talk to my voice, ask it if there is something it is trying to tell me about the overall state of my health. So I wrote this song to my voice. And yes, it did come back, after six weeks away, still not sure what happened.

PS--Debra Windsong is a musician and Wellness Advocate,

What are you telling me (c)2016 by Steve Key (Key of E)

(note: I play it capo 4 in C, capo over 5 strings, leaving 6th string open for the drone of the low E)

v. 1  Have I neglected you?                                    

Is that why you've gone away?                              

I always respected you                                           

And I'm missing you today                                    

If only I had a plan                                                 

then I’d know what to do                                        

What are you telling me?                                       

Have I neglected you?                                            


v. 2  Did I do something wrong? Or didn't do what I should

Is it too late to change, as if I ever could

Won't you come back to me, I can't believe you're gone

What are you telling me? Did I do something wrong?


Br   Silence is the hardest part                               

I miss my old friend                                               

Silence is gonna break my heart                            

Tell me how to start again                                      


v. 3  Every doctor says they have no pill or cure

Every friend I know says you'll be back for sure

Everyone but you has got something to say

What are you telling me? Why have you gone away

What are you telling me?