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Steve Key: Songs/Lyrics

But He Could Play Guitar

(Steve Key & Dorian Michael)
April 1, 2016
Steve Key

This song was inspired by a real person, but it is not his story. More and more, it seems to be my story, but only on a bad day.

But he could play guitar (c) 2016 by Steve Key         (Key of E)

(note: I play it capo 2 in D, capo over 5 strings, leaving 6th string open for "fake drop D")

v. 1 He was short and stocky, got mean sometimes      (B-E)

Gambled all his money, drank too much wine                (B-E)          

Left a wife and kids back home in the lurch                   (A-E-C#m)      

Preacher said he never saw that man’s face in his church    (B)                 

CH: But he could play guitar                                             (A)        

He could sing so sweet and high                                        (E)         

He could write a good song                                                (B) 

The kind that'd make you cry                                             (E)      

He might've burned some bridges                                       (C#m)     

And he sure broke a lot of hearts                                       (A-E)           

He wasn't no saint                                                             (B-E)            

But he could play guitar                                                                  


V. 2 Wasn't no poet, he could barely write the words

Never studied music, he just played what he heard

Worked in every bar from coast to coast

What everybody remembers about him the most (to CH)


V. 3  I called him up, said I’ve been missing you, Jim

And that was the last that I ever spoke with him

A bunch of his friends toasted his memory

I can hear him now, a little tune playing off on the breeze (to CH)